QUEENSTALINA Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on creating and supporting underprivileged persons and providing necessary interventions to ensure such people get the needed support better their lives in our communities in Ghana and Africa at large. Poverty, unemployment and lack of better education has become a societal canker breeding all kinds’ social vices and we aim to help those in need by raising funds and providing the needed structure to curb such issues.

Aims and objectives:
1. To provide education to underprivileged people
2. To sensitize and educate people on the need have high self-esteem
3. To regular be of help to various orphanage homes
4. To collate funds to support the health and educational needs of the underprivileged
5. To train people in entrepreneurship and other skills related programs

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Abdul Karim Sheriff
Project Manager
Ebenezer Essuman
Cynthia Adubia
Administrative Secretary

Q.F’S initiatives aim both to address the challenges that less privileged children face today to support the development of opportunities to sustain the upcoming youth in the near future.